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Coping with Uncertainty

Surrender to uncertainty

Do you ever get those scam messages from psychics on social media? “Like hey, I NEVER message people like this, but what a lovely aura you have. I’d love to do a reading for you, What’s your sign? Send me money!” I don’t know whether or not people fall for that, but what I was thinking was this…

If you could know your future, would you really want to?

Or would knowing too much, whether good or bad, just rob you from experiencing both the joy and excitement of the present? After all, anticipation can be energizing and motivating. Sometimes not knowing exactly what is going to happen next is half the fun!

Still, it is only when we feel safe enough within ourselves that we are able to hold space for uncertainty. When we have unresolved fear and anxiety stuck in our systems, not knowing what is going to happen next can seem unbearable. This is especially true when there is so much going on in the world that is really disconcerting and out of our control. If we already felt unsafe in life, it can all be too much.

This can look like all the worst case scenarios bubbling up in our minds. We might feel jittery and restless, searching for some reassurance that everything will be okay. And/or our energy quickly drains and we just want to collapse waiting for it all to go away.

Know that this all makes so much sense. Your nervous system is just responding to the signals of uncertainly, and how it responds is based on how it has been wired by the experiences of your life. The great news is you can cultivate more of a sense of safety in your system and every so slowly, release the charges of old wounds. As this happens, you’ll start to feel okay enough to have things be unsettled.

You’ll become grounded in knowing your okay-ness is not dependent on others. You’ll begin to feel confident enough that you can find resources to deal with whatever arises. The uncertainly will become just a little ripple in your system instead of an overpowering wave of emotion.

In the meantime, take a break from looking for answers from you thoughts or outside of yourself and come back to your body.

  • Feel how the ground/earth/ or chair is supporting you.
  • Feel where the uncertainty is hanging out in your body.
  • Place your hand over where you feel it.
  • Breathe however your body wants to.

Sometimes the feeling just needs to be felt and allowed to move through. Give yourself a big hug. It’s going to be okay.

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