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Aroma Freedom Technique

Do you ever feel like there is a brick wall standing in between you and your goals? We want to succeed so badly, but we just can’t seem to break through. 🤦‍♀️

The Struggle is Real…

It’s the same thing that happens to the 97% of writers who never finish a book. It happens to the 80% who give up on their New Year’s Resolutions by February. So what is holding us back?

We all know the saying “You can accomplish anything you put your mind to”. The problem is that while we are consciously trying the best we can, our subconscious mind isn’t always on board. Let me explain.

Every time we make big plans for our lives or set out to change our habits, our subconscious mind is activated. It’s like, “Hey, what are we doing? This is new. I’ll see if I can match it up with a prior experience and compare what happened then to see if we should proceed now.”

The problem arises when the subconscious feels like these big changes aren’t safe. This part of our mind just wants to keep us alive, after all. So if it calculates that what we are doing may turn out badly, it will give us resistance.

Resistance can show up as procrastination, self-sabotage, or a just little voice saying you can’t succeed. Either way, the subconscious mind will foil your plans quicker than you can say “forget-about-it”.

Try this: Think of the biggest goal you have now and imagine yourself accomplishing it. Now ask yourself “Is this safe?” and listen for whatever voice comes up in your mind. Many people are surprised when their inner voice says “NOPE!” Whether it’s overeating, avoiding putting our work out into the world, or something else, our habits have been serving us in some way, at the very least, making us feel a sense of safety and comfort.

Much to our frustration, when our subconscious mind works against us, we can never really be all in. We are literally prisoners of our own thoughts, unable to break through and create the lives we want. Can you see how your own inner voice could trip you up and hold you back as you work towards what you want in life?

emotions, feeling stuck, goals, resolutions, self sabotage
AFT can help us move through when we feel hopelessly “stuck”.

How AFT Helps

Aroma Freedom Technique (or AFT) works by helping the subconscious mind to leave past fears behind and support us in the present. It assists you in identifying and releasing exactly what is holding you back. We can transform negative beliefs and emotions using specially formulated blends of essential oils, and intentionally integrate lasting change.

AFT was developed by clinical psychologist Dr. Benjamin Perkus for use in his practice. However, after seeing the results and how gentle it was, he decided to make it widely available.

As an AFT Practitioner, I am not a medical professional (although some AFT practitioners are psychologists or therapists). My job is to walk you through the steps of AFT and be your guide in uncovering and replacing the emotional patterns and beliefs that have held you back until now.

For me, AFT has been transformational. Honestly, I was so stuck in a place of paralyzing fear I struggled to put myself out there in any way. Being able to release that fear and the emotional patterns that came with it has been such a relief.


I’d love to work with you and help you meet your goals. During the session we use specific Young Living blends, so you will need to have those on hand. To get the best results I recommend these oils:

  • Trauma Life
  • Release
  • Inner Child
  • An uplifting oil of your choice (Valor, Believe, or Transformation are great options)

You will love having these blends on hand for everyday emotional support as well. If you need to pick up oils and don’t yet have an account, you can shop through my link here.

Shoot me an email at with any questions or to book an AFT session! I’d love to help you break through to the next level of your journey. 🦋